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Job Descriptions

Alchemy’s sample job descriptions give a realistic indication of the skills required to land the best positions within your sector, and the types of duties successful candidates can expect to undertake. 

Alchemy provides the full range of premium talent support services to clients looking to fill vacancies, alongside personalised job search and career support to candidates. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Global Mobility, International Assignments, HR
  • Expatriate Services, Visa, Immigration
  • Total Rewards, Compensation & Benefits
  • Corporate Housing, Temporary Accommodation
  • International Moving, Relocation, Destination Services
  • Shipping, Logistics, Transport, Supply Chain
  • Fine Art Shipping, Gallery Services

Alchemy is able to conceptualise and produce search engine optimised job descriptions and person specifications on behalf of our clients. We also provide advertising services at international, national or local level as required. 

To learn more about the services Alchemy supplies, inclusive of recruitment, business consultancy and candidate assistance, contact our team today.

HR & Global Mobility

Global Mobility professionals are focused on managing the planning, operations, policies and strategies required for an international workforce. These are the t...

Immigration & Expat Services

Immigration and Expatriate services typically provide consultancy on local or expat tax, benefits and compliance as well as required visas and work permits for ...

Relocation & Destination Services

Professionals providing Relocation and Destination Services are usually facilitating the soft or personalised aspects of relocation processes, such as home sear...

Household Goods Moving & Removals

Professionals operating in the removals, moving or relocation sector typically organise the domestic or international transportation of private household goods,...

Shipping, Logistics & Supply Chain

Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chain professionals facilitate the practical movement of goods worldwide. Alchemy works with all manner of people and organisatio...

Fine Art Gallery Services

The Fine Art and Gallery Services sector is varied and involves individuals working on the transport, shipping, display, auction, sale and conservation of art, ...

Other Industries