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Job Search Advice

Know your value

When searching for a new job ensure you are aware of your current financial situation. Be clear about the goals you have in mind when making your next move. It may sound obvious, but many candidates are not aware of the overall value of their renumeration package. Alongside basic salary, are your receiving benefits? For example, private health insurance, pension contributions or travel allowance – all of these add up. Alchemy’s Consultants can help you to formulate a realistic goal and achieve it! 

Seek Advice

Alchemy’s Consultants are in the perfect position to assist you with your job search. We have a global network of contacts that we regularly leverage for our candidates seeking new employment. Our Consultants can give tailored job search advice, including which companies are hiring and the openings available, as well as the application process you as the candidate can expect. For the latest insider job market information, approach an Alchemy Consultant today.