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Global Mobility & International Assignment Services Jobs

Global Mobility is a HR (Human Resources) function that refers to a multinational corporation’s ability to move its people to offices in different countries. When an employee is asked to move abroad as part of their job, this is called an International Assignment.

The term International Assignment Services refers to the HR processes that must be carried out to move and maintain employees in a new country. Services include expatriate payroll, compensation and benefits, rewards, immigration and tax issues.

What kind of jobs are available within the International Assignment Services industry?

Workers in the Global Mobility and International Assignment Services sector will be tasked with managing processes and costs for processes such as immigration, tax and legal issues. Corporations may not be fully aware of these indirect costs, often focusing on the direct costs of the physical relocation. This can provide additional challenges to workers in the International Assignment Services sector.

HR & Global Mobility

Tax Compliance Manager Job

The job of Tax Compliance Manager carries responsibility for identifying and mitigating risk for both personal and corporate clients. Successful candidates will...

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HR & Global Mobility

International Assignment Manager

An International Assignment Manager works to manage the provision of expatriate management solutions and consultancy advice.

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HR & Global Mobility

International Assignment Consultant

An International Assignment Consultant works to coordinate the delivery of all kinds of international relocation and human resources-related services to custome...

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