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Shipping Line / Agency

There are a number of specialist job types within a Shipping Line or Shipping Agency. Both types of company employ people in roles ranging from customer service to analyst and management positions. This is because both types of company will run all day-to-day aspects of a shipping operation.

Shipping Lines own and run their own vessels and have their own equipment, including cellular containers (cargo containers). A larger Shipping Line will generally have dedicated offices within a port, where all day-to-day operations will be run from. A smaller Shipping Line may not have their own offices, so they will nominate an agent to run their shipping operations for them. This type of agent is known as a Liner Agent or shipping agent and will run some ro-ro vessel/ship operations on a smaller Shipping Line’s behalf.

What kind of jobs are available within the Shipping Line and Shipping Agency industry? 

For practical reasons, workers in Shipping Line & Shipping Agency jobs will generally be based in offices at a port. Workers in these organizations may be employed across a range of technical, financial and administrative positions.

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Ship Broker Careers

Working as a Ship Broker means that you will be involved in a financial service as part of the global shipping industry

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Shipping, Logistics & Supply Chain

Letter of Credit Officer Job

Working as a Letter of Credit Officer involves obtaining the necessary information to process and complete letters of credit and related financial transactions ...

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Customer Service Clerk Job in Shipping and Logistics

Working as a Customer Services Clerk in Shipping and Logistics is extremely rewarding and provides an excellent place to start a career

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Pricing Analyst

A Pricing Analyst works with service contracts, rate requests, tenders and tariff implementation

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Agency Manager Job within a Shipping Agency

The role of an Agency Manager within a Shipping Agency involves the management and overseeing of all operations related to shipments and cargo at ports and harb...

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Customer Services Manager

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Customer Services Co-ordinator

Customer Services work is especially suitable for someone who enjoys working with a wide range of people and gets a sense of achievement through providing excel...

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