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Destination Service Consultant

The Destination Services Consultant is a vital member of the Relocations Support team, primarily responsible for coordinating all Destination Services for the client, ensuring their comfort in settling into a new location.

The Destination Services Consultant is on hand to reduce any complications that are common with international and domestic relocations. They oversee the welfare of the client throughout all stages of the relocations progress, including home search, school search, tours and welcoming the client on arrival to their new location. The Destination Services Consultant is responsible for making the transition as easy as possible for the client and so is a very important role within Relocations Services.

What does a Destination Services Consultant job description include?

  • Working in Relocation Services as a Destination Services Consultant your role will be to advise the client on all aspects of the relocation progress and help to select a location suitable to the client’s needs and requirements in relation to their personal and professional needs.
  • The Destination Services Consultant will arrange for the client to be met on arrival at the location, potentially at an airport or other station, to escort them on a tour of the new location, being sensitive to their needs and requirements at all times.
  • You must also assist the client to obtain any insurance/social security card required in relation to their relocation.
  • The Destination Services Consultant must attend any school/residence tours with the clients and assist with enrolments or property rental/purchase.
  • You must also help the client with any utilities and car lease or purchase.
  • The Destination Services Consultant must also provide full information of the area for the client, doing satisfactory research to provide the optimum customer service making sure that you have researched the clients specific needs or situation, ie do they have children or other dependants and the services required in relation to these dependants.
  • The Destination Services Consultant must also provide departure services, including the selling of houses, school transfers and the arrangement of any temporary housing.

Key skills and qualifications of a Destination Services Consultant:

  • You will ideally be educated to degree level and may be required to hold any qualifications relevant to Destination Services Consultancy.
  • You must have experience within the Relocations Support industry, and knowledge of property, finance and utility management.
  • The Destination Services Consultant must have strong communication skills as the job revolves around communication with clients and other service providers connected to Relocations Support.
  • The Destination Services Consultant must be organised with the ability to efficiently arrange all aspects of the relocation on behalf of their clients.
  • A Destination Services Consultant must also be able to associate with the client, well aware of their needs and requirements and able to tailor the relocation to them so strong people skills and the ability to feel empathy are really important.
  • The Destination Services Consultant must have the ability to research thoroughly and effectively on an area, housing, schools and other amenities that are suited to individuals as each client will be different.
  • You must be proficient in Microsoft Office and any other software associated with Destination Services Consultancy.

How to find more Destination Services Consultant jobs within the Relocations Support industry:

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